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Baldwin, Elias J. (Lucky)
1. "Life of Elias Jackson 'Lucky' Baldwin." Copy of chapter from 'Chronicles of the Builders of the Commonwealth' by H.H. Bancroft, 1892. 21 pages. 2. "Elias Jackson 'Lucky' Baldwin City Maker." 36 page paper by Sandy Snider, 1976. 3. Notes take during a visit to his Santa Anita Rancho. 4 page t…
1. "Life of Elias Jackson 'Lucky' Baldwin." Copy of chapter from 'Chronicles of the Builders of the Commonwealth' by H.H. Bancroft, 1892. 21 pages.
2. "Elias Jackson 'Lucky' Baldwin City Maker." 36 page paper by Sandy Snider, 1976.
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69. "... or Elias Jackson 'Lucky' Baldwin, who handled his coach." One page copy from the book 'Saratoga - Saga of an Impious Era'.
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72. See reference to Veelox of Los Angeles Times, September 25, 1910, giving an account of contest over will.
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87. Romance of Baldwin Told -- Mrs. Lillie (Lilly or Lily) Baldwin Howard, fourth and last wife of E. J. "Lucky" Baldwin, dies. Mrs. Howard's will disclosed, with close relatives sharing millions. The Baldwin widow loses in a suit hours after her death. (3 articles from the Arcadia Tribune. November 1938) Copied from Rancho Santa Anita Scrapbook #1, April 1936 - January 1, 1939, Arcadia Historical Society.
88. Baldwin widow leaves millions. Estate of Mrs. Lily Baldwin Howard, widow of E.J. (Lucky) Baldwin worth $5,000,000 willed to relatives. Los Angeles Times, December 3, 1938. Copied from Rancho Santa Anita Scrapbook #1, April 1936 - January 1, 1939, Arcadia Historical Society.
89. "Lucky's Millions Cut to Measure. Widow gets mite; two daughters left bulk of estate and third, formerly unknown, receives small share--body taken north." Includes text of his will, although not entirely legible. Los Angeles Times, March 4, 1909, p. 114.
90. "Decision against Lucky. "Baldwin to pay lawyers in case brought on by Albert T. Roche. Los Angeles Times, June 14, 1902, p. 3.
91."Heirs Assort 'Lucky's' Acres."Heirs Lizzie Rush, Charles Fawcett, Rosebud Mullander, Rozella Selby and H.A. Unruh select acres of Elias J. 'Lucky' Baldwin's land based on his will. Los Angeles Times, June 19, 1910, p. 116.
92. "Child attacks Baldwin will. Alleged daughter seeks part of great estate." Minor child Beatrice Anita Baldwin, aged 14, the alleged daughter of E.J. 'Lucky' Baldwin and Lillian J. Ashley (now known as Lillian J. Turnbull), sues for part of estate.
93. Tallac Historic Site by Robert Burke and Ken McKowen, 1996. Second copy, 1983.
94. Tallac Historic Site information including the Baldwin Estate (1921). A page of the USDA Forest Service website, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. Accessed June 7, 2006.
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100. Article about Elias J. Lucky Baldwin's oil business "'Standard Luck' at Montebello" from June, 1919 issue of Standard Oil Bulletin, a publication of Standard Oil Company (California). Includes a crayon sketch drawing of Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin by Maynard Dixon.
101. Copy of marriage certificate of Elias J. Baldwin (age 21) and Sarah Ann Unruh (age 18), married January 2, 1846, in Berrien County, Michigan. Recorded February 21, 1846. Re-certified on May 20, 1986.
102. "L.A. Then and Now: Dog and hare races bred early animal rights battle." Greyhounds were let loose in a fenced field to chase rabbits. The spectator sport was banned for cruelty. Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin staged the races at his ranch after other courses were closed. Los Angeles Times, July 19, 2009; p. A35.
103. Lucky Baldwin, the San Francisco millionaire is the defendant in a suit brought by a woman who claims that she intrusted $2000 to him for speculation, and that he swindled her out of it. The Baltimore Sun, October 6, 1877.
104. Blue island, a true story. Chicago Daily Tribune, December 8, 1877. About Mrs. Baldwin and her daughter's travels abroad.
105. A big lawsuit (Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin vs. Miss Lennie McCormick). Chicago Daily Tribune, February 10, 1878.
106. Sudden termination of the $100,000 suit against "Lucky" Baldwin (Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin vs. Lennie McCormick). Chicago Daily, February 17, 1878.
107. Arrest of a noted forger. William J. Hadley caught in San Francisco. New York Times, December 7, 1878. Hadley, forged Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin's name on circular notes.
108. A millionaire's third marriage (from the San Francisco Chronicle, May 21). New York Times. June 1, 1884. E.J. Baldwin marries Miss Lilly C. Bennett.
109. Lucky Baldwin: he talks about some of his lucky hits and his hard work. From the Louisville Courier-Journal. New York Times, October 9, 1885.
110. Another millionaire in trouble (Los Angeles). New York Times, February 13, 1886. Louise Perkins vs. E.J. Baldwin for breach of promise.
111. A costly broken heart (Los Angeles). New York Times, February 20, 1886. In lawsuit Louise E. Perkins vs. E.J. Baldwin, the jury decided in favor of the plaintiff for $75,000.
112. Lucky Baldwin's escape: shot at by a young woman in San Francisco court. His assailant the sister of the girl who is suing him for breach of promise--the bullet cuts off several of his curls--career of the remarkable old man who once before was fired upon by a young woman. Re: Lillian Ashley vs. E.J. Baldwin. New York Times, July 3, 1896.
113. Miss Ashley's shot at Baldwin: an exciting scene in the San Francisco courtoom. New York Times, July 9, 1896.
114. Lucky Baldwin is low: noted horseman suffered a collapse after watching races (Los Angeles). New York Times, February 5, 1909.
115. Lucky Baldwin still improving. New York Times, February 14, 1909.
116. Lucky Baldwin dies at the age of 81: end comes to well-known turfman and miner at his California ranch. New York Times, March 2, 1909.
117. Baldwin left $30,000,000: left a will which he believed could not be broken. New York Times, March 3, 1909.
118. Baldwin's widow to contest will. New York Times, March 16, 1909.
119. Mrs. Baldwin compromises: widow of Lucky withdraws contest of will--her share increased. New York Times, March 29, 1909.
120. A record doctor's fee: Lucky Baldwin's physician thinks it should be $100,000. New York Times, March 31, 1909. Dr. John W. Trueworthy is said to be paid $100,000 for attending to the late E.J. Lucky Baldwin.
121. Baldwin estate settled: widow transfers interest to daughters and they to a trust company. New York Times, April 3, 1909.
122. Baldwin left $20,000,000: will of the turfman probated--income was only $120,000. New York Times, April 8, 1909.
123. Baldwin's widow to wed: friends say she will marry Dr. Leon Landone, who has child theories. New York Times, June 15, 1909. Mrs. Lillian Bennett Baldwin to marry Dr. Leon Landone, a lecturer on child culture.
124. Allows $1,320,000 claim: California court decides Lucky Baldwin's estate must pay it. New York Times, August 21, 1909. Baldwin estate must pay back money that E.J. Lucky Baldwin owed to Hibernia Loan and Savings Society of San Francisco.
125. Baldwin estate settled: in a little over a year his $15,000,000 fortune is distributed among heirs. New York Times, April 17, 1910.
126. Lucky Baldwin: a look at his famous ranch and its wonders. How Lucky Baldwin looks and his wonderful career. Queer stories from his big hotels and how he runs them. A look at his horses and his wonderful irrigation system. Los Angeles Times, June 11, 1893.
127. E.J. "Lucky" Baldwin biography by Jon Wilkman, 1999. Retrieved March 23, 2006 from website of Historical Society of Southern California at Quote by Elias J. Baldwin "Hell, we're giving away the land. We're selling the climate."
128. A. National Museum of Racing announces 2018 Pillars of the Turf Hall of Fame inductees include Elias J. "Lucky" Baldwin and Dr. Charles Strub, both inducted at a ceremony on August 3, 2018. B. "Much More Than Lucky"-four pages from Guide to the Official National Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame, 2018-2019.
129. L.A. Then and Now by Cecilia Rasmussen; Colorful tycoon lived up to his nickname. Los Angeles Times, September 5, 1999.
Baldwin, Elias J. (Lucky)
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